Hi I’m Cheyenne!

I’m a fiery interactive designer who solves problems with appetizing solutions. I have an insatiable sweet tooth for both good design and donuts. I enrolled in IDEA to sharpen my skills as a designer and to learn to apply them
practically. If push came to shove I’d pick digital but I’m not a pushy kind of person. I’ve split my concentration between print design and interactive design. I’m always curious about the relationship between consumers, brands and technology. I’m committed to being a life-long learner and I’m always looking to learn more about new approaches to the impact of technology. (Pleasantries end here.)

(Realities start here.) You’ll be getting: fresh ideas from a new generation designer, full-service work, UX and UI experience, someone who’s good with directions (both from people and Google Maps), a merciless question-asker/answer-seeker and
endless cute photos of my cats.

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